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  • In this ground-breaking book, expert immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi unravels the new science around immunity.

Offering simple, clear and expert advice, debunking popular myths along the way, this fascinating book explores the secrets of people who never seem to get ill, how to protect yourself against viruses and why some germs are actually good for us

Start reading - or listening - today.
  • Looking for your next great read? Wanting to #shoplocal? @backyourbookshop are making it simple for Australian readers to find their closest bookshop during COVID-19. Follow them for updates on which bookshops are still open or offering pick-up and delivery #backyourbookshop
  • AD 2201: Earth and the colonies of Mars attempt a reconciliation after a century-long Cold War. Can two mutually antagonistic cultures forget the past and embrace the future?

The first novel from the Hugo Award-winning author of 'Folding Beijing', translated by Ken Liu.
  • Sweden's most notorious serial killer. Has come back from the dead. He doesn't just kill you. He buries your loved ones alive. ‘It may take you a while to sleep after you finish it' - Daily Express

We don't know what more to say after that. You're either terrified, or already rushing to read it. Which type of reader are you?
  • A sweeping historical novel about the struggle of one woman and one village against war, racism and ecological devastation. ??
Curòn, 1920.
In a small village in South Tyrol, Trina longs for a different life. She dedicates herself to becoming a teacher, but the year that she qualifies Mussolini's regime abolishes the use of German as a teaching language.
In this new climate of fear and uncertainty Trina works for a clandestine network of schools in the valley, always with the risk of capture. ?
Curòn, 1939.
Now married and a mother Trina's life is again thrown into uncertainty when Germany anounces the 'Great choice' and communities in South Tyrol are given the opportunity to move to Germany.
The town splits and ever-increasing rifts form among its people. Those, like Trina and her family, who choose not to leave are seen as traitors and spies; they can no longer leave the house without suffering abuse.

Then one day Trina comes home and finds that her daughter is missing...
  • Faye's life is perfect. So how is it, then, that she now finds herself in a police station?

The truth is that Faye's life is far from what it seems. The truth is that Faye isn't even her real name. And now she's been caught out. There's no way she's going to go down without a fight. The only question is – who will escape with their life?
  • 1 ?? 2 ?? 3 ?? 4 ??

This a kaleidoscopic mixture of history, etymology, diaries, autobiography, fan letters, essays, parallel lives, party lists, charts, interviews, announcements and stories. One Two Three Four joyfully echoes the frenetic hurly-burly of an era.

If you loved Ma'am Darling (99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret) then you'll adore Craig Brown's latest.

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